March 24th, 2018   Slovakia (please, excuse my poor English)

magratas has drawn 4,548 drawings and authored 489 captions across 5,037 games. They follow 914 players and have 847 followers. They've earned a total of 36,533 emotes!

Oogie Boogie Oct 14th
Reverse furry Oct 13th
furret from pokemon does a blep Oct 13th
Hamster dance Oct 13th
Ridiculous Anteater Oct 13th
person with body parts in the wrong spots Oct 10th
1.000 games! Oct 7th
Cute Voldemort and Nagini Oct 7th
kawaii pretzel owo Oct 7th
Candy Oct 7th
Playing with a Desk Oct 7th
Dragon wishes ElQwerty Happy B-Day! Oct 7th
A 5-humped blue camel Oct 7th
The Incredible Machine Oct 6th
red space Oct 5th
dobby being given something that isnt a sock Oct 6th
Giant dog eats tomato while God watches Oct 6th
You have befriended the beast. Oct 5th