March 24th, 2018   Slovakia (please, excuse my poor English)

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Dentist Aug 11th
Stretched Potato Aug 9th
Sheep has a crush on buff guy with red shirt Aug 9th
guy surprised the fish he caught is american Aug 8th
Cartoon business cat eats ice cream Aug 7th
alien wearing HUGE jorts Aug 7th
Cow-Pig in love with 3-leaf clover. Aug 7th
underwater worm goes golfing Aug 7th
the pope and his poperocket Aug 7th
wizard on a magic carpet Aug 7th
Brown lizzard tearing up Aug 7th
cool looking grey castle with smoke Aug 7th
many legged pink doglike creature Aug 6th
chameleon wallpaper Aug 6th
Panda pirate. Aug 6th
golden frog ready to attack at nightfall Aug 6th
Tall toothbrush Aug 5th
The sky is watching an embarrassed deer Aug 5th